Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's official: WE'RE PREGNANT!

That's right. It is now official. Donatra and I are expecting a baby! Okay, SHE'LL be doing the actual work in this particular situation, but if all goes well our household will soon welcome a special bundle of joy.

Needless to say we are both thrilled by this and more than just a little eager to share the good news.

It was kind of funny. Kelli hadn't been feeling quite right for some time now. She'd been kind of irritable. Angry one minute, crying the next, and she said she felt like she "was coming down with something." She was telling this to BibleBelted when we were at his house. My dad was sitting behind her at the table listening to all this when Kelli tells Bible "Brandon must be ready to divorce me by now." Bible asked why. She told him about how she feels like crying for no reason at all, how she feels week and fatigued. And then, to top it all off, she adds, "and to make it even worse I'm getting fat. I could hardly squeeze into my blue jeans this morning." By this time my dad is making facial gesticulations at Bible. We left shortly after supper. My dad and step mother stayed behind and then my dad asked Bible: "I know the doctor said Kelli might have trouble conceiving, but are you SURE she isn't pregnant?" Bible just looked at my dad and tossed out "I"M NOT GETTING INTO THAT MESS! I think we should talk to Brandon (Praetor) and let HIM ask her!" They called me, Dad asked me if Kelli might be pregnant. I asked Kelli (AKA Donatra) and Kelli nearly laughed herself silly. I kept asking her if she was sure and all that crap and finally she said, "Look. If you want to put this to rest we'll get a home pregnancy kit and I'll show you just how crazy the idea really is." But when she came out of the bathroom after having taken the test, she had this expression on her face that said it all. We have since received confirmation and yes, it is definite. We are pregnant. The baby is due in February, and we're both elated.

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