Monday, June 25, 2007

Faith Based Insanity and the Extreme Court

Well, if there was any doubt as to whether or not the Supreme Court is dominated by Catholic theo fascists, it was proven today when Judge Sammy Benito ruled along with a 5-4 majority that tax payers can't sue in regards to the President's Faith Based initiatives.  
Why don't we come right out and say it.  During the reform era of the Catholic Church, during the time of Vatican II in the 1960s, this country was foolishly worried about whether the Vatican would attempt to use it's temporal and spiritual power to  control the Presidency of John F. Kennedy.  Today, under the leadership of very repressive and very archaic Church leaders those concerns are actually quite valid.  The Vatican, including a Pope who once fought for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine, are indeed trying to use their temporal and spiritual power to make American politicians (and judges) tow the line for a Catholic theocracy in the United States.  In other words, Americans were wrong to worry about this sort of thing during the time of liberal reforms within the church, but now, with the reactionaries and theo fascists firmly in control in Rome, it appears as if we really do have to be concerned about the Catholic Church as a fifth column threat to our freedoms and basic Constitutional values.
Let's be clear about this.  The conservative theocracy in Rome and the liberal values of the founding fathers cannot co exist.  One has to go and if I have my way the ones who are going to go--preferably to their own hell in a hand car--will be the increasingly totalitarian Version of Catholicism which is now growing on the American body politic like a deadly and metastasizing tumor. 
Who ever would have thought that the day would come when the people, the American taxpayers, who support those black robed bastards on the Supreme Court would be told by their servants that they don't have the standing to challenge their government over the topic of religion. Just what in the hell are these black robed sons of bitches thinking about?  Well, I would suspect that they are thinking about a Catholic or at least a Christian theocracy in which those who dare to disagree or not believe are delegated to second class citizenship.  and the miserable bastards certainly proved the point today.  Moreover they also proved that they have a very limited idea as to what constitutes freedom and an even more limited view as to what constitutes a Constitutional right.  On the other hand, they did prove that they're about as American as a Nazi Party in Nuremberg during the late 1930s.
Personally I don't give a damn what foolish mythology people want to follow.  But when any faith--be it Catholic or Dominionist, or Fundamentalist, or whatever--tells me, as a tax payer that I don't have the right to use the federal judiciary in this country to protect and defend my non Christian values then they have crossed a line.   They are not merely swing their arms and fists.  They are swinging my arms and fists so as to punch me in the proverbial nose and for that I will not sit down and be quiet for anyone.  Not even the totalitarian bastards on the Supreme Court who claim to love American freedom while they are trying to maliciously and knowingly to undermine those freedoms on a regular basis.
 Look at it this way.  If they can tell the American taxpayer that he or she does not have the right to bring a suit regarding faith based initiatives what else can they prohibit?  What else can they bastardize?  How many other important issues pertaining to basic liberty can decalred off limits to the American people?  Free speech?  The right to assemble?  The right to a speedy trial?   Habeas Corpus?   Oh that's right.  I forgot.  Those rights are already under attack By George W. Bush and Alberto Gonzalez.  How silly of me to forget.
In the meantime,the Supreme Court has revealed itself as the Extreme Court, and if we don't start electing more people from the left to counter the fascist tumors which have taken root in our judiciary we will be the ultimate price when we become a so called "Christian theocracy."  
Read Reich wing dicatorship. 

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